House Raising NJ

It’s been over 2 years since Hurricane Sandy and some hownowners are just beginning their searches for house raising in NJ. Whether you call it “house lifting NJ”, “House raising NJ”, “NJ House Raising”, or “house raising New jersey”, you can be certain we are all looking for the same thing… A reliable company capable of safetly raising our homes to meet FEMA minimums elevations.

Finding a company to handle such a task is a daunting proposition.

It is important to find a registered home elevation contractor when searching for house raising in NJ.  Prior to this registration, any contractor with enough money to buy the equipment could technically perform a house raise.  The result of inexperienced house lifting companies performing house lifts resulted in nightmare scenarios as homeowners watched their houses fall over during the process.

Since the introduction of the NJ Home Elevation Contractor registration, it has become exponentially difficult to legally raise a home in the state.

Now, any contractor that wants to perform house raising in NJ needs to meet a set of requirements that NJ has instituted. This resulted in thinning the herd significantly when it comes to companies able to perform such a task.  The minimum requirements include a minimum experience of 5 years in home elevation work.

The company performing the house lift must also carry a million dollars in liability insurance coverage, with an additional $500000 covering the contents of the house being lifted.

The registration also requires all companies to utilize a jacking system capable of moving the whole house at once.

These requirements have made a great impact on the quality of house raises being performed in New Jersey, and has also eliminated the possibility of fly-by-night scam operations from coming into the state and legally registering as a house raising company.

Depending on the value of your current home, sometimes may not make sense financially speaking to raise the home.  It is a tough decision to make, but a registered home elevation contractor in NJ will be able to give you his or her professional opinion on the matter.  Typically, these folks have performed enough house raises to guide you in the right direction when it comes to the decision between demolition and starting from scratch, or raising your current NJ home.


Foundation Repair

Foundation repair may be necessary if your home is showing signs of compromised structural integrity.

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Home Lifting

Protect your family from future catastrophes. Lift your home above the minimum flood elevation level instituted in your region.

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Home Demolition

We provide demolition services in NJ to those who are not able to salvage an existing building or structure.

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Mold Remediation

Mold removal is a difficult process which should be left to a certified professional. Improper remediation may result in the spreading of contaminants and pose a health hazard. >>Read more here.

Helical Piers

Helical piers may be the solution to your foundation problem.  Stabilize a sinking foundation with helical piers.

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Site Remediation

Site remediation may be necessary in the event your soil is contaminated.

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We welcome partnerships with consultants. Our services allow you to offer foundation repair, lifting, demolition, helical piers, site remediation and mold remediation with one point of contact. Trust the company with years of proven service in New Jersey.>>Read more here.

We can provide an estimate to help you get ICC money back!

Some helpful tips with Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) coverage, FEMA provides background information on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and defines key concepts and terms that are integral to Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) coverage. When your house is eligible and covered by a Standard Flood Insurance Policy, under the NFIP sustains a flood loss and the State or community declares the building to be substantially or repetitively damaged, ICC will help pay up to $30,000 for the cost to elevate, floodproof, demolish, or relocate the building! (Source

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